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"Hey, did you know? This school has seven mysteries..."

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun is a manga by Aidairo, serialized in G-Fantasy since 2014. The series is ongoing and has 9 volumes in print. Yen Press has licensed to digitally release the manga translated in English.

An anime adaptation by Lerche is slated to air in 2020.

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SPOILER WARNING: This page includes major spoilers! Read at your own riskー

Mitsuba Sousuke (Japanese: 三葉惣助) is a ghost haunting Kamome Academy Middle School's lockers. He was a student at Kamome Academy's Middle School division and a member of the photography club before his death. Mitsuba is cocky, foul-mouthed, and very confident in himself, particularly his looks, and often brags about how cute he is...

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Episode 3

Summary: Nene finds out from the young exorcist Minamoto Kou that Hanako-kun committed a crime in his lifetime. Her close friend Akane Aoi, who has been worrying about Nene not being in her best spirits, suddenly disappears. Her classmates, teachers and even Aoi's mother, no matter who Nene asks do not seem to even know who Akane Aoi is...

Volume 0

Summary: This is a special volume of Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun, which includes pilot chapters of the series when first published in G-Fantasy and AidaIro's debut work.

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Gファンタジー「地縛少年 花子くん」PV

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