I tried talking to... every person I thought was my friend... But none of them knew it was me. ...Only I... remembered.
— Mitsuba, Chapter 19, Volume 4

Mitsuba (ミツバ), whose real name Mitsuba Sousuke (三葉惣助) is a ghost haunting Kamome Academy Middle School's lockers. He was a student at Kamome Academy's Middle School division and was a member of the photography club before his death.

After being recreated by Tsukasa, he consumed the former School Mystery No.3's heart and is now currently the representative of the 3rd School Mystery.


Mitsuba's uniform V4

Mitsuba's uniform

Mitsuba's appearance is androgynous—many of his classmates have commented on his girly looks. Despite being biologically born a boy, he has been shown to frequently express gender-neutral clothing styles. He is a slender and relatively tall middle school-aged ghost with pink hair and eyes. He has a mole under his left eye and has medium-length hair with bangs that covers his right eye, and the back of his hair is usually tied up into a small and short ponytail with bobby-hairpins holding it up. He also wears a teal ear piercing on his left ear.

Mitsuba wears a yellow scarf with light brown stripes and a long-sleeved pink sweater over the Kamome Middle School division uniform; its sleeve always covers his right hand.

Mitsuba's scar CH18

Mitsuba's neck scar

He has a scar on the back of his neck, presumably a mark from the accident that caused his death. It can be assumed that the burn marks on one side of his scarf were a result of the incident. Although it is sometimes questioned, Mitsuba did not lose his right hand—it's just hidden by his long sleeve and is rarely seen in both the manga and anime.

Since his reappearance in Volume 6, he has been shown to have been gifted a new red scarf.

Young Appearance

After being bullied by his former classmates for his cocky, girlish appearance and foul-mouthed attitude, he later changed himself to be more passive, friendlier, and inadvertently dull when attending Kamome Gakuen. His first meeting with Kou was when he had softer eyes and a gentle smile plastered on his face. In addition, his short hair was tied up into a ponytail and his bangs were parted to the side.

No.3 Appearance

In his School Mystery No.3 clothes, he wears a tattered black jacket embellished with eyes over his regular clothes. His hair is speckled with black feathers. His red sneakers are changed into a pair of black boots with shackles attached to his right shoe. His remaining arm is replaced with a bird talon. His scarf becomes red, with golden trinkets and a lock attached to it. The scarf extends into bony exoskeletons, which Mitsuba can use and control as appendages.

Throughout the series, he has repeatedly been noted to be good-looking, and Mitsuba himself acknowledges this. On the contrary, the (now former) 3rd School Mystery remarked that he is only slightly above average in terms of looks.


Mitsuba is a cocky, foul-mouthed, and overly confident in himself, particularly his looks; he often will brag about how cute he is. He also has a tendency to call people by rude nicknames and isn't afraid to insult others. He knows how to get on people's good sides and sometimes acts nice to someone if he needs to get on their good side. He has also been shown to be quick to cry, especially in threatening situations.

Due to his personality making him a target of bullying in elementary school, he created another, gentler personality in middle school to get along with others better. During this time, Mitsuba was nice, considerate, and friendly with everyone.

Despite being rude and loud, Mitsuba also has a more mellow side to him. He gets noticeably dispirited when talking about his past, gets lonely easily, though he seems to have a hard time being honest (choosing to hurl harsh words instead), at times he is able to genuinely express happiness and kindness.

He is very fond of his camera and photography, almost to the point of obsession, according to Kou. He was a member of the school's photography club and had won several awards.


Low-Level Supernatural (Formerly)

Mitsuba is visible to the human eye, though distorted, when he grabs a person's hand and asks them if they know who he is at the school's lockers. In other circumstances he is invisible to normal people, except for those with supernatural affiliations such as Kou.

"Bent-Neck Boy at the School Entrance" (Formerly)

In this form, Mitsuba seems to have lost all of his humanity. His body is made out of eyes and camera parts, loosely bound together with bandages, and has an exposed chest crevice. Instead of tears, black substances flow from his eyes and mouth. He uses his bandages to attack and wrap his victims.

He does not respond verbally to anyone and appears as if he does not remember Kou. Yako later reminisced that when her rumor was altered, she felt like herself, but as if a different side of her came out. It is possible Mitsuba still recognized his surroundings, yet could not answer to them.

Number 3's Powers

After consuming Number 3's heart, he becomes the School Mystery Number 3. He now has command over the Hell of Mirrors boundary. The boundary and its arms now respond to his requests, shown by how he is able to forcibly remove Nene and company from the boundary. With his new powers, Mitsuba is able to manifest in the Kamome Academy's mirrors. He is also able to access every reflection that was captured within those mirrors and used it to gain information on his past.

He uses his exoskeleton-like scarf as an extension of himself, utilizing them as extra limbs. Whenever he is overwhelmed with distress, the scarf moves involuntarily and attacks whoever he perceives as threatening.


  • Mitsuba's favorite snack is flan pudding.[1]
  • His biggest concern is that he can't build any muscles.[1]
  • The 三 in Mitsuba means three, a reference to his position as No.3.
  • Though there are no official birthdays, Japanese fans celebrate March 28th as Mitsuba Day, as his name can also be read as 3, 2, 8.
  • His last name, Mitsuba, comes directly after Minamoto in alphabetical order (as exemplified by the class roster in the Picture Perfect arc) and in the first term of their junior high year.[2]
  • He's scared of lightning to the point of crying, but the remade Mitsuba believes Tsukasa is scarier.[3]


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