You must never look at its form... If you were to catch sight of it... your life will be taken away.
— The rumor of "The Faeries (Anime Ver: Yousei-san)"

The Mokke (勿怪, usually written as もっけ) is a species of supernaturals haunting the Kamome Academy.


Initially, they appeared as a grotesque monster, with multiple eyes and limbs protruding from its body. In reality, this is the form they are masquerading as (by stacking on top of each other) due to their rumor. In reality, they are small and harmless.

A Mokke has a rabbit-like appearance with colors ranging from pink to black. They can have either one or two eyes. Mokkes also have the ability to stretch their body at will and use their ear-like limbs to carry objects.


During their introduction, "The Faeries" (ようせいさん) were believed to be violent. They lured in unsuspecting victims using various trinkets. It is believed that anyone who sees their form will be killed. But in reality, they are a weak and cowardly supernatural. The monstrous form is actually the appearance they undertake when threatened. They were forced to become dangerous when their rumor was changed, or risk disappearing.

Mokke be ambitious CH3 (HSHK)

A group of Mokkes swarming Hanako

After the rumor was changed, Mokkes returned to their benevolent nature. Curious and mischievous by nature, they steal and hoard random trinkets they can find on the campus, including Kou's earring, much to the confusion and annoyance of the students. They are very easily bribed by candy. They often appear in groups, using their large numbers to swarm and surround their object of interest.


They seem to be able to accomplish weird tasks, such as delivering mail or playing instruments.

"The Faerie (Anime Version: Yousei-san)"

Mokkes are capable of assuming a more threatening form by stacking on top of one another when threatened. It is unclear if they have any special power in this state, as they were quickly taken down by Hanako.


  • The Mokkes are simultaneously voiced by 3 different voice actresses in the anime.
  • Their favorite snack is candy. [1]
    • Each Mokke has a different favorite candy flavor. A few favorite flavors of theirs include cola, apple, and strawberry.[2]
    • They have expressed a dislike to lemon-flavored candy, describing it as inedible and poison due to its sour flavor.[3]
  • Their latest concern is that they won't be allowed to be part of the Seven Mysteries.[1]
  • It is uncertain how they talk without a mouth. Even the Mokkes are unsure of where they produce sounds.[4]
  • They remind Nene of her hamster, White Inferno.[5]
  • No one knows what they taste like.
  • The Mokke gets excited after hearing a lightning storm, which reminds them of a loud festival opening.[6]


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