Current Representative of the Mystery


The three clock keepers are the first of the Seven Mysteries. It is the fourth school mystery to be introduced in the series. They are the first school mystery to be seen independently outside of their boundary and unrelated to their rumor.

Unlike the other school mysteries, the clock keepers consist of three members — Kako, Mirai and Akane. They represent past, present and future. Akane was tricked into forming a contract with the clock keepers after falling for a scheme they orchestrated. He is now currently in a 6-year-long contract with them, until his graduation.

The clock keepers are able to control time. Kako and Mirai have the ability to turn back and move time forward respectively. As a contractor, Akane can stop time for five minutes up to three times a day. He notes that if he goes an entire school day without any incidents, he is able to use it for fifteen minutes at a time.

The Clock Keepers CH27
The First School Mystery oversees the "Time" aspect of Kamome Academy.


The boundary of School Mystery Number 1 is unknown, so is their Yorishiro.

It is noted Hanako does not know where their boundary is located at due to a bad first impression. He had said the Clock Keepers "can do all the pervy stuff [they] want" with their powers, causing the keepers to "never want to see him again" and refuse to tell him where their boundary was.

The Rumor









それぞれ過去 健在 未来を司る三人の時計守



...Have you heard the rumor?

It's school mystery number oneー The three clock keepers.

There's a big, big old clock somewhere in the school.

That clock is time itselfー the time that flows through the school.

If you move the hands of that clock, the school's time is yours to command.

But you see...

...There are guards watching over the big clock.

They are the three clock keepers who represent past, present, and future.

If anyone touches the clock without their permission...

...The three clock keepers will steal the time from that person's life...!

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